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The North Carolina State University Tobacco Analytical Services Laboratory (TASL) serves as the central repository for a growing series of Smokeless Tobacco Reference Products (STRP’s). Early reference products produced in this program included the STRP1S1 and STRP2S1 (loose leaf chewing tobacco), STRP1S2 (dry snuff), STRP1S3 and STRP2S3 (moist snuff) products. These products are no longer available. The Product Tabs on the left are provided for information only.

More recently, the TASL has been working with members of the CORESTA Smokeless Tobacco Subgroup to provide a new series of standardized smokeless tobacco reference materials for use in scientific studies ( manufacture date - 2009). These have been designated as CORESTA Reference Products - CRPs. These products include CRP1 (Snus), CRP2 (Moist Snuff), CRP3 (Dry Snuff), and CRP4 (Loose- leaf Chewing Tobacco). See the links to the left of this page for basic information on these products. Due to a high demand for several of the CRPs a second batch has been produced (manufacture date -2016). These new CRPs are classified as CRP1.1 (Snus), CRP2.1 (Moist snuff),CRP3.1 (Dry Snuff) and CRP4.1 (Loose- leaf Chewing Tobacco).

Smokeless Tobacco Reference Products are provided free of charge. However, we require the party requesting the products pay the costs of shipping , any customs fees and any additional documentation costs . We can ship the products via Federal Express, UPS or DHL( only Internationally ).

To place an order, please read the fill out the STRP Order Form and the Disclaimer Form (see the links to the right of this page). We prefer completed forms to be emailed to If this is not possible, you can fax your request to (919) 515-7378.

For additional information on the Coresta Reference Products please visit the Coresta Smokeless Subgroup website:


Smokeless Tobacco Reference Products are provided FOR RESEARCH PURPOSES ONLY and are NOT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION. These materials are untaxed and, as such, human consumption is illegal.